Marco Walz

Software Developer & Consultant

About Me

I am currently working at 51nodes GmbH and always passionate about new technologies and inventions that will make our all lives better and more comfortable, in particular:

  • Blockchains and decentralized networks
  • Self-sovereign identity
  • Internet of Things
  • Autonomous driving (can’t wait for it to come!!! =))

In my spare time I am actively playing table tennis in my club TTV Zell. Besides that I contribute to some software projects and try to build a knowledge platform for the crypto-community. called kryptokrauts. Additionally I am proud to be an æmbassador of æternity.


a knowledge platform for the crypto-community

kryptokrauts aims to be a knowledge platform for the crypto-community created by people for people. We have many cool ideas we want to bring to life. Currently the project is in its infancy but I am really curious about its future. A very cool thing is our crypto-timeline to which everybody is invited to contribute!

a Java-SDK to communicate with the æternity blockchain

The motivation to create a Java-SDK for the æternity blockchain was to enable a possible integration of æternity into the multi-blockchain wallet provider ArkaneNetwork. Shortly after the first release was published I contributed to the blockchain-providers of ArkaneNetwork and added the æternity integration.

It is currently the only available Java-SDK and still in active development by Michel Meier and myself.

awarded as "best technical implementation" during the blockchain-hackathon 2019 in Stuttgart

Identity of Things enables the unique decentralized verification of any type of products using a miniscule NFC and Secure Element based device, designed for those corporations, which truly care about their brand. This small device helps anyone to verify the authenticity of the product by using cryptographic methodology leveraging the secret key in tamper-proof Secure Element and maintaining the public key in Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Moreover, we use the ENS (Ethereum Name Service) technology to associate the registry of the products to the respective brand.


51nodes GmbH

Software Developer (Blockchain)

January 2020 - present

As a software development company, 51nodes offers technological consulting and implementation of blockchain based solutions.

As an enabler of blockchain technology, we at 51nodes support our customers in using the possibilities of the crypto economy. Our offer includes blockchain infrastructure and decentralized blockchain applications, linking of IoT / Industry 4.0 with blockchain components, and tokenisation of asset classes.

targens GmbH

Software Developer (Blockchain)

July 2018 - December 2019

At targens GmbH my focus is on blockchains and distributed ledger technologies. My previous tasks/roles included:

  • Development of a delivery vs. payment prototype where two devices (Raspberry Pi) identified each other via RFID and made payments by interacting with a smart contract deployed on a private Ethereum network.
  • Analysis of Stellar (focus on payment channels)
  • Analysis and comparison of different Layer 2 solutions (payment channels, state channels, virtual state channels, lightning network)
  • Developer role in a Corda project (finance sector)



February 2015 - June 2018

I joined USU GmbH for my internship in March 2013 and stayed there as working student. After I have written my bachelor thesis I joined the company in February 2015 as Junior Consultant and was promoted to Consultant in July 2017. I was also a member of the so-called Jump Team, the link between the Executive Board and employees.

My focus at USU GmbH was building portal solutions with Liferay for our customers. I was also member of the Liferay expert group in the company.

Deutsche Telekom AG

Training IT Specialist System Integration

September 2008 - February 2011

After graduating from high school, I decided to train as an IT specialist for systems integration at Deutsche Telekom AG. During my training, I mainly installed servers and configured networks on Cisco hardware.


Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor of Science

2011 - 2015

Business informatics

Gewerbliche Schule Göppingen


2008 - 2010

IT Specialist System Integration

Werner Heisenberg Gymnasium Göppingen


1999 - 2008